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Blocked Driveway Towing Services

If you have a parking space, garage or any other designated driveway there is a good chance that one day you may come out to blocked driveway. This happens a lot because people are always in a hurry. However, you have things to do just like they do. You will call the police but they do not always get things done in the timely manner necessary. They may not see your blocked driveway as an emergency.  If you call us we will be their ready as soon as the ticket is issued to remove the vehicle.

Don’t put up with a blocked driveway. At Halifax Towing Service  we can get them moved and out of your way so you can be on your way. We have been serving the Halifax, and surrounding areas including Dartmouth, Bedford and Cole Harbour for years.  Our reputation of reliable, timely, professional and an affordable towing service will help put your mind at ease. That will allow you to rest easy.

Not only is a blocked driveway frustrating, it is illegal. While no one wants to come out in the morning or before a big appointment to a blocked driveway, we make the process easier by responding as quick as possible.

Don’t hesitate to call Halifax Towing Service , we will get you on your way.

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